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Powder post beetle infestation natural treatment.

…So, a vile powder post beetle continued to gnaw the house inherited from grandfather, slashing, grinding and lacerating it, resembling a clock that devours time unceasingly…

For household use powderpost beetle treatment

For each log home

The fight against wood borers: woodworms, bark beetles, powder post beetles, deathwatch beetles, and common furniture beetles is a complex problem for houses made of wood. Complete removal of powder post beetles infestation by "Shashel" - this is 100% protection your home from any powder post beetles evil. This will assure you a peaceful sleep.

The answer to this problem: Microwave equipment! Shashel provides complete removal of woodworm infestation by microwave treatment.
powderpost beetle treatment

Microwave equipment is designed for safe treatment of wooden structures (buildings, residential wooden houses, and log homes) of woodworm infestations.

The advantages of the Shashel equipment: reliability, ease of use, efficiency, no after-sales service, and eco-friendly. The microwave field of depth into wood reaches 20-25 cm.

Advantages of this method, the microwave powder post beetles, deathwatch beetles treatment - is the penetration of wood under the varnish, paint, clay, wallpaper, drywall, etc. There is no need for the application of highly toxic chemicals. It is naturally.

This method is completely harmless and safe. Control of the equipment is made at a sufficiently safe distance via remote control. There are no toxic residues. The fight against powder post beetle is possible at any time of the year.

The wooden house has a lot of enemies. Wood pests! They can destroy all the wooden elements very quickly. Can destroy the wooden house. This enemy - powder post beetles.
The fight against powderpost beetles is a difficult problem. It lives deep in the wood. It lives up to 15 years. He lives and eats. And eats, eats, eats... Eats our cozy house.

Often the fight against powderpost beetles is carried out when the house is extensively infected. A lot of time the owner can not guess about the woodworm in walls, logs, beams, rafters.
Log houses, beams, part of the timber near windows and doors often become infected. Every year the same home may be infected with woodworms. Wood pests will arrive again and again.
You must be ready. Microwave Shashel for household use is Defender of your house.

Adult insects fly well. And quickly infect neighboring houses.
woodworm treatment
Signs of infestation-
adult beetles in the building
holes in the logs
wood dust
characteristic crunch in logs
how to get rid of powderpost beetles
The surest way to get rid of powder post beetles is microwave Shashel for household use. Each log house must have the microwave Shashel.

The equipment is portable, completely eco-friendly, non-toxic, 100% effective method, and do it youself DIY.

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