Complete removal of woodworm

…So, a vile powder post beetle continued to gnaw the house inherited from grandfather, slashing, grinding and lacerating it, resembling a clock that devours time unceasingly… 

  Complex problem in a wooden house - the fight against wood borers - woodworms, bark beetlepowderpost beetle, deathwatch beetle, common furniture beetle. Answer - MW equipment Shashel provides complete removal of woodworm by microwave treatment.

  Microwave equipment is designed for safe treatment of wooden structures, buildings, residential wooden houses infected beetles grinders, woodworms, carpenter. Advantages equipment Shashel - reliability, ease of use, absolute efficiency, no after-sales service, eco-friedly. The depth of the microwave field into the timber reaches 20-25 cm and more.

   Advantages of this method, the microwave treatment powder post beetles, deathwatch beetles - is the admissibility of the processing of wood under the varnish, paint, clay, wallpaper, drywall, etc.. No need for application to the surface of highly toxic chemicals.

   This is completely harmless and safe. Control equipment is made at a sufficient distance remote control. Absence of toxic residues. Fighting powderpost beetle is possible at any time of the year.

Home modification "Shashel" - it is 100% protect your home from any woodworm evil and your peaceful sleep.

Microwave treatment for woodworm, powderpost beetle, deathwatch beetle, common furniture beetle, other wood boring beetles

Microwave effect. Portable equipment. Completely eco-friendly, non-toxic. 100% effective method. 

                                                            Complete removal of woodworm    

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