MicroWave full extermination

…So, a vile powder post beetle continued to gnaw the house inherited from grandfather, slashing, grinding and lacerating it, resembling a clock that devours time unceasingly… 


   Microwave treatment for powderpost beetle, deathwatch beetle, common furniture beetle, other wood boring beetles, woodworms. 100% efficient and non-toxic, provides full extermination.  The ability to process timber covered with varnish, paint, clay, plastic sheeting, ceramic tile, drywall.


The unique method of local combined microwave and heat treatment of insect-infested wood by means of MW equipment.The equipment is used for treatment of timber constructions at dwellings infested  with wood-destroying insects (powderpost beetles, deathwatch beetles, other wood boring beetles and woodworms).The MW equipment has proven to be quite unsophisticated and handy.

                         Can be applied to wall structures with thickness of 10-25 cm and more. 


                   Microwave effect. Portable equipment. Completely non-toxic. 100% effective method. 

                                                                   Full extermination.    

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